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Hi All!

This is my first post as PoshPlusMommy. A little about me. I had my daughter a little over a year ago. I had always liked clothes, shoes, accessories and all things to do with makeup and skin. After the birth of my daughter, I found myself doing what most mothers do, and that is I forgot about myself. I stopped buying cute clothes. No, I didn’t go so far as the dreaded “mom jeans”, but I did lose interest in putting together cute looks. I felt that it took too much time and that was time I was taking away from her.

One day, I took a look in the mirror and really did not recognize the person that I had become. I had gained a ton of weight and I just lacked effort and initiative to make myself look presentable. NO MORE! I have come back peeps. I had to put on my smart hat and make sense of all of this. I am writing this blog to show that it doesn’t take much to look cute and still care for your kid. Most of the things that I wear now are comfortable baby friendly clothing but with a little spin. I have really found how much accessories can make an outfit look 100 times better. As a plus sized woman, shopping can present its own challenges but I will share sites and stores that I have found really step up to the fashion plate for us trendy plus sized fashion gals.

I shop everywhere from upscale stores and boutiques to Payless Shoe store. I feel that you can mix and match and don’t always have to spend a ton to throw together a banging ensemble. I don’t wear heels everyday as they are not practical for me, but I do wear flats and wedges more often than not. As a makeup artist, I have tons of makeup and little time. So I have cut my beauty routine to 15 minutes for daily makeup and 25 for going out. I will share all of  this with you as I embark on this journey. I hope you as a fellow mom and plus-fashionista will follow this blog and any feedback is welcome. Thanks for reading 🙂


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