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I Wish That I Could Say That I Am Proud To Be Curvy…But I Am Not

Based on my measurements, I am actually more square. So, I must say that I am proud to be square. Even though the heavens dipped me in chocolate, it forgot the bodacious round bottom and cocoa cola bottle waist.  Whenever I shop for clothing, I find that most clothes are made for women with the curvier body type often seen on plus sized models. I have found that I have to trick my clothing into thinking they were made just for me.

Belts to cinch the waist and a-line dresses to build up my hips are little tid-bits that I have learned to give the illusion of curves. I love my body in all of its squareness. But there are times when curves would be nice. What are some tricks that you have learned to showcase your beautiful body…curvy or not?


Oh So, Oh So Baroque

Gianni Versace made the baroque trend super popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Me being a product of the 70’s and going through what I call my early prime in the 90’s, I also associate the baroque print with the Notorious B.I.G. He was “notorious” for rocking Versace and rhyming about it in his songs.

Well, as all things old become new again, baroque is back. I am in love with it! It is gaudy and classic all in one. It’s similar to animal print. It begs for only one piece to be worn at a time. I purchased a skirt from ASOS, only for it to be too large and it’s now sold out. So sad! Luckily, they have a few other things worth taking a look at.

Below are a few of my favorite picks:

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Exclusive Skater Dress With Baroque Print

Asos.com: $56.29

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Wrap Dress in Chain Print

Asos.com $49.25

Nordstrom.com $54.00

    Holiday…Let’s Celebrate!!

    Holiday is approaching super fast! Once Halloween comes, you can bet that someone will have a Christmas tree up in the mall or flashing lights at the entrance of their store on November 1st. Holiday is a great time to take advantage of some of the shopping deals that are out there.

    If you are in need of new makeup or have been thinking about trying a line that you have not before, now is the time. Cosmetic companies spend a lot of time and money to pull together sets to optimize their business throughout the holiday season. I have scoured and shopped and tested some of best sets on counter this season. Here are a few for you to try!

    The REGARD SIGNÉ DE CHANEL Palette $65.00

    This palette has 4 shadows that will compliment almost any skin tone. The shimmering gold, plum, smoked taupe and pink shadows are great to wear to all of those holiday parties you have lined up.










    While wandering in the mall, I decided to check out Sephora and there was a ton of gift sets available. I ended up picking up the Stila “All Is Bright” Lip Glaze set for $25.00. It is a really sweet set. It has 8 semi-sheer colors that are not too sticky.








    M.A.C. Cosmetics has always has an abundance of sets to choose from. My favorites are the pigments. A lot of people think that pigments can only be used on the eyes, but that’s not true.Pigments are so multi-faceted. You can mix them with glosses and nail polish. You can wear them as blush colors. Lots of options, RIGHT? 🙂

    Guilty Passions Pigments $32.50










    This set appealed to the practical me. I checked out Bobbi Brown. Bobbi Brown usually pulls out the punches for her holiday sets and this year she did not disappoint. The name of this set is called “From Coffee to Cocktails”. I like this set because it has long wear products in it. It has 2 long wear shadows, a long wear eyeliner and a longwear mascara. The lipstick is not longwear, but is one of their most popular shades.  A small black cosmetics bag comes with the set!


    Dressed In All Black

    Being a makeup artist for 12 years has caused me to accumulate a lot of black in my wardrobe. I have tried to incorporate a little color here and there, but I still gravitate to black…especially during the fall and winter seasons. To add pops of color, I pull in accessories with color such as belts and jewelry.

    I have become such a huge fan of skater dresses. They are comfortable and can be dressed up or down. This dress was super affordable at Target and it came with the belt which adds a pop of color to what would be  just a normal dress. Target has some great finds for the plus sized diva. Check them out.


    Studded Toe Flat: Madden Girl








    Necklace: Forever 21


    My husband and I were hanging out in the mall and I stopped in front of one of my favorite places to snag this shot. Dairy Queen! 🙂

    Hello world!

    Hi All!

    This is my first post as PoshPlusMommy. A little about me. I had my daughter a little over a year ago. I had always liked clothes, shoes, accessories and all things to do with makeup and skin. After the birth of my daughter, I found myself doing what most mothers do, and that is I forgot about myself. I stopped buying cute clothes. No, I didn’t go so far as the dreaded “mom jeans”, but I did lose interest in putting together cute looks. I felt that it took too much time and that was time I was taking away from her.

    One day, I took a look in the mirror and really did not recognize the person that I had become. I had gained a ton of weight and I just lacked effort and initiative to make myself look presentable. NO MORE! I have come back peeps. I had to put on my smart hat and make sense of all of this. I am writing this blog to show that it doesn’t take much to look cute and still care for your kid. Most of the things that I wear now are comfortable baby friendly clothing but with a little spin. I have really found how much accessories can make an outfit look 100 times better. As a plus sized woman, shopping can present its own challenges but I will share sites and stores that I have found really step up to the fashion plate for us trendy plus sized fashion gals.

    I shop everywhere from upscale stores and boutiques to Payless Shoe store. I feel that you can mix and match and don’t always have to spend a ton to throw together a banging ensemble. I don’t wear heels everyday as they are not practical for me, but I do wear flats and wedges more often than not. As a makeup artist, I have tons of makeup and little time. So I have cut my beauty routine to 15 minutes for daily makeup and 25 for going out. I will share all of  this with you as I embark on this journey. I hope you as a fellow mom and plus-fashionista will follow this blog and any feedback is welcome. Thanks for reading 🙂

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